Friday, March 5, 2010

Laundry Room Logistics

Laundry Room Logistics

All laundry rooms at one time or another have been guilty of massive piles of unsorted dirty clothes, laundry products strewn about, and a feeling of disorganization and chaos. When this feeling sets in, it can make tackling an overrun laundry room an even more difficult chore. But with some work, creativity and commitment from other family members, this room can become an organized oasis.

The first step is to develop a routine in your family for making sure their dirty laundry is delivered to the laundry room on a routine basis. If you've established Monday and Thursday as laundry day in your home, then laundry needs to be delivered to the laundry room no later than Sunday and Wednesday nights. Each person should be taught to sort laundry into designated hampers in the laundry room. Younger children should be accompanied by a parent or older sibling when the time for this chore comes, but encouraged and assisted in the sorting process.

Maintain a laundry basket or bin for each family member. Once clothes are washed, dried and folded, place them into each basket and deliver them to their bedrooms. Older children should be capable of putting laundry into drawers and on hangers themselves. Younger children again will probably need assistance, but their independence should be encouraged.

Make it a habit of keeping on top of the laundry supplies. Make sure you always have plenty of soap, stain fighter and fabric softener available. Nothing can be more aggravating than finding no laundry soap available when you have six loads to be done.

Make sure your laundry room has a separate and clearly labeled bin for items that need to be dry cleaned. Or better yet, get rid of items that need to be dry cleaned and just don't have them. Have another bin set aside for items that need to be repaired or that need buttons replaced. Tackle this bin at least twice a month so that it does not become overwhelming.

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  1. I will implement all the recommendations mentioned above and see if it will actually work. Estremamente desorganisado am and it's time for me things in order. thanks for the tip.