Monday, March 1, 2010

Closet Organizing on a Tight Budget (part 2)

Closet Organizing on a Tight Budget (part 2)

After de-cluttering in the last post, you're ready for part 2.

Now that you know what you're left with, it's time to place it back into your closet in a neat and organized fashion. Look around your home for unused baskets and bins. Consider installing a couple of extra shelves if the need warrants. Affordable shelving units and brackets can be found in more home organization sections of your favorite hardware or discount store.

You can also make great use of your space simply by using lengths of chain to hang items on in your closet. You can purchase plastic or metal chain in different lengths depending on your needs. Links should be large enough to accommodate your style of hanger - whether metal or plastic. Hardware or do-it yourself stores will cut the chain the length that you request.

Attach the chain to your closet rod with a hook; these can also be found at the hardware or do-it-yourself store. Or you can simply loop the chain over the hook of a sturdy coat hanger. Hang clothing items, one hanger per link. This simple, inexpensive method can help you store several items in the space of just one.

With a little discipline, some creativity, and a free afternoon, your closet will soon be organized, easy to use, and simple to maintain.

To your clutter free life,

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